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The Cotillion is a special events facility that hosts concerts, dances, comedians, and stage shows featuring nationally known artists and performers. This special events facility is available to rent for concerts, dances, banquets, corporate events, wedding receptions, trade shows, and private parties.

Built in 1960, The Cotillion is a 28,500 square foot building with a maximum concert capacity of 2000 persons. The unique circular design of the building has large wooden beams supporting a 24 foot high domed ceiling over an 11,000 square foot floating hardwood maple dance floor and a stage that features a distinctive neon lit band shell.

Fun fact:

It would take 1,812,946.65 soccer balls to fill The Cotillion.

All ages are allowed to attend events at The Cotillion unless otherwise stated. A full service bar is available serving mixed drinks, beers & wines. All persons purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages must be 21 & older. Snack items such as hot dogs, nachos, pizza & popcorn are also sold at the concession stands. For most events doors open to the public 1 to 1 1/2 hours prior to the start of the show. Handicapped persons are allowed to enter the building a few minutes prior to the opening of the doors to the general public. Handicapped parking is available adjacent to the front door. No food or drink may be brought in to the building unless prior arrangements have been made. No weapons of any kind are allowed. No audio or video recorders are allowed without permission.

The Cotillion StaffOur Staff

We have a great staff working here at The Cotillion, many who have been here for sometime now. Together we have over 150 years experience working right here making sure our customers have a wonderful time.

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The Cotillion Staff


  • 02/14/10
  • “My wife and I drove up from Edmond, OK to The Cotillion to see 1964  The Tribute.  We were very pleasently surprised by the whole place…  especially the band shell stage.  The music sounded great… and there  wasn’t a dead spot in the entire room.  The bar staff, ticket office  people and security guys were all very curteous.  All in all, it was a  wonderful experience… and we would not hesitate to make the drive from  Oklahoma again to see a show at The Cotillion.  Just thought you ought  to know when you’re doing something right!”  —  John & Becky  H.
  • 02/27/09
  • “I was at the Chippendales show last night and I just wanted to drop you  a line and let you know how much fun it was.  The Security Guards,  Bartenders, and Staff were very professional and nice.  I had never been  to The Cotillion before… but I was very impressed and would not  hesitate to come to another show or concert again.  Thanks for a  wonderful night.” — Kristen F.
  • 12/07/08
  • “… we were at the Buddy Guy concert … really enjoyed the SMOKE FREE  concert … thanks so much for making your venue smoke free!” — Allen J.
  • 05/30/08
  • “I have purchased tickets to the MSI show you are having on June 10th…  I have heard nothing but good things about your establishment…  Once  again, thank you and I look forward to frequenting your establishment in  the future…” — Christopher T.
  • 07/04/07
  • “I recently attended an event, Sevendust show, at your facility.  I was  very impressed with the operation of the security team.  They conducted  themselves in a very professional manner to still keep the atmosphere  fun for the crowd and bands, but yet safe.  I live in the Kansas City  area and have been to many shows and the security at your facility has  definitely set an example for other venues.  Because of this, I will  definitely attend more events at The Cotillion.  Please pass this on to  the respectable parties to give them a job well done!  Thank you.” — Mike G.
  • 03/24/07
  • “I wanted to thank you guys for finding my driver’s license on April 23  after The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Concert and sending it back to me!  I  REALLY appreciate it!  I was freaking out!  Thank you sooo very much!” — Emma T.
  • 12/06/04
  • “It may seem absurd since it’s smaller than the Kansas Coliseum, but the  best concerts I’ve attended have been at The Cotillion, where you can  get up close and personal with the performers.” — Opinion Line
  • 10/17/04
  • “… I was at the Chippendales, on October 1, 2004 and had a blast …” — Tasha
  • 05/22/03
  • “I just wanted to say THANKS to The Cotillion for bringing such good  entertainment to Wichita for such a reasonable price.  Lately, we’ve  been to see the Beatles imitators (1964 – A Tribute) and last night to  see Merle Haggard.  I like the ability to stand on the floor to see the  entertainers and to dance a little if you like or to remain seated.  The  ticket prices most certainly are reasonable for the show given.  Thank  you very much . ” — Marci W.
  • 03/13/01
  • “… I also would like to thank you for continuing to bring hot blues acts to The Cotillion. …. “ — Rory H.
  • 10/09/98
  • “… the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies concert I attended on October 19, 1998  … was excellent, but most of all the security men were courteous and  friendly …” — Michelle T.
  • 01/13/64
  • “This letter is much overdue to thank you… My husband and I usually  celebrate  our anniversary each August at The Cotillion… we enjoyed it  immensely along with the music of  Si Zentner.” — Mrs. Paul D
  • 05/06/61
  • “The ‘Perez Prado’ Dance was the BEST YET at The Cotillion!  Nothing  beats the Latin American rhythms – and everyone at the Prado Dance had a  wonderful time.  We were a party of 8 and we didn’t miss a dance.  IT  was great!!  Hope you will continue to bring many more Latin American  Bands to the Cotillion.  How about one of the local Latin American Dance  Bands?” — Member Pan American Club
  • 05/06/61
  • “Since I had such a wonderful time at your ballroom last Wednesday  night, I thought I should tell you.  As a matter of fact I was not  alone, I was with a party of 8 and we all stayed till it was  over…..even though we all had to work the next day.  Perez Prado was  GREAT!  We sincerely hope to see may more Latin-American or Mexican  dance bands at The Cotillion… Thanks again for an enjoyable evening.” — Miss Tilli G.